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Update – Rule Changes

Edmonton Masters members,

At the executive meeting on March 22, we discussed the options available to the club regarding the change in rules dictated to us through the ALA and ALRA. Unfortunately, due the timing of the rule change, we are limited in what we can do. The following provides an overview of our proposed plan going forward:

1. Remain an ALA member – We discussed pulling out of the ALA but were concerned that we would not be able to have a full season. We would need to find floor space as we are currently booked through the GELC which would also be higher in cost. We would need to find referees as we would not be able to use the ALRA referees. Due to the visibility of the issue, we don’t think ALRA referees would be willing to referee us as they would likely face discipline through the ALRA. We did not feel that the club wanted to go with shinny style throughout the season either.

2. Play by CLA masters rules this season – As we wish to remain ALA members, we will need to play the CLA rules for this season. It will give us an opportunity to say that we tried the rules and provide additional support of why or why not we would support staying with these rules going forward. We may also find that there are some aspects that we may want to keep in suggesting alternative rules to the ALA and/or CLA.

3. Advocate for CLA masters rules changes – We will engage the ALA to determine how we can advocate for changes to the CLA masters rules. Some preliminary investigation seems to show that there are modified CLA rules across the country so we would like to investigate further. We feel that there may be an ability to request that there are multiple CLA masters rules from which a provincial association can choose their preferred option (similar to novice rules). We will begin this work immediately with the ALA.

4. Rules meeting – After the season, we will meet as a club to discuss how the club would like to move forward with the rules. We must recognize that some members will want to adopt the CLA rules, others will want to move back to our modified rules and the meeting will give us an opportunity to discuss and vote. Depending on timing, it may be part of the AGM.

Link to CLA Masters Rules (Appendix G) Rule and Situation Handbook for Box Lacrosse 2017-18

We encourage everyone to give these rules a chance for one season to really understand them and provide feedback based on usage. Any executive member is open to ideas, suggestions and feedback. We thank everyone for your patience as we deal with this.

Edmonton Masters Lacrosse Club

Edmonton Masters Spring Fling Tournament 2018 is here!

Are you ready to get out on the floor and work out all those lacrosse muscles? The Spring Fling Tournament is a great time to get primed for the lacrosse season. There will be both Mens and Womens divisions again this year. There will be swag, a banquet/social evening and lots of fun!
For Edmonton players, you must be registered to play for the 2018 season to be eligible for the tournament.
Date: March 16-18
Location: Tri-Leisure Spruce Grove
Format: 4 on 4 games with 2-20 minute runtime periods
Rosters: 10 runners plus goalie (teams can bring more but only 11 per game on the bench)
Cost: $660 per team
Mens Division – Edmonton players, if you are interested in participating please contact the following people for teams:
Yellow/Red teams – Dave MacCarthy
Black/White teams – Darrel Baker
Blue team – Matt Martel
Womens Division – Women are encouraged to register as a team. Individuals without a team can contact Theresa Ettinger to be placed onto a team.
Spread the word!

2017 EMLL Men’s Schedule

SUNDAY APRIL 30 – Southside Arena

Red bye
7:00 – White v Black
8:00 – Yellow v Blue

SUNDAY MAY 7 – Southside Arena
7:00 – Yellow v Black
8:00 – Yellow v Blue
9:00 – White v Red

WEDNESDAY MAY 10 – Glengarry Arena

White bye
9:30 – Yellow v Blue
10:30 – Black v Red

SUNDAY MAY 14 – Southside Arena
7:00 – White v Black
8:00 – White v Blue
9:00 – Red v Yellow

WEDNESDAY MAY 17 – Glengarry Arena

Yellow bye
9:30 – Blue v Red
10:30 – Black v White

SUNDAY MAY 21 – Long weekend. No games.

WEDNESDAY MAY 24 – Glengarry Arena

Black bye
9:30 – Blue v White
10:30 – Red v Yellow

SUNDAY MAY 28 – Southside Arena
7:00 – Red v White
8:00 – Black v Yellow
9:00 – Black v Blue

WEDNESDAY MAY 31 – Glengarry Arena

Blue bye
9:30 – White v Red
10:30 – Yellow v Black

SUNDAY JUNE 4 – Southside Arena
7:00 – Blue v White
8:00 -Blue v Black
9:00 – Red v Yellow

WEDNESDAY JUNE 7 – Glengarry Arena

Red bye
9:30 – Yellow v White
10:30 – Blue v Black

SUNDAY JUNE 11 – Southside Arena
7:00 – Red v Blue
8:00 – Red v Black
9:00 – White v Yellow

WEDNESDAY JUNE 14 – Glengarry Arena
9:30 Black v Red (only game)

SUNDAY JUNE 18 – Southside Arena
7:00 – 4th v 5th
8:00 – 2nd v 3rd
9:00 – Winner of game 1 v 1st place team.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 21 – Glengarry Arena

Drop in

SUNDAY JUNE 25 – Southside Arena
Championship Sunday!