The tournament will feature a Women’s and Men’s Division. The Women’s tournament will feature Edmonton Master’s Players. We have reached out to Kamloops and Calgary in hopes that a few women can join and help grow this tournament. The Men’s tournament will feature 6 teams – 4 Edmonton teams and 2 Calgary teams. The following are the details:

When: March 25/26
Where: Tri Leisure Centre, Spruce Grove
Women: $75 per player
Men: $650 per team
Player’s per Team: 7-9 including Goalie
Game Length: 24 minutes.
Game Times: March 25: 6pm and on, March 26: 8am to 3pm.
What Do You Get:
  • Game time
  • FOOD – Food of some sort will be provided Saturday night.
  • SHAFTS – Every registrant will receive a custom hard wooden shaft
  • GOOD Time Guaranteed.
For the Women’s Division Registration, please go here: https://admin.sportzsoft.com/apps/regWeb.dll/Login?OrgId=566, login and select the Spring Tournament.
For simplicity purposes, the Men’s Division will be based on your 2016 team. If interested, please email one of the following:
Men, payment will be made per team. So your captain will pay and you will be responsible for paying him back. Cost is dependent on how many players your team has.
Registration and participation is on a first come first serve basis. For the Edmonton teams, the Tournament is open only to those that were registered in 2016 and/or those who register for 2017. Players are subject to move based on enrollment.
All, you can have more than 9 players on your team; however, we have only purchased enough custom SHAFTS for 9 players per team.


It’s that time of year again, Everyone. Dust of the ol’ lax sticks, start working out your forearms and bust a move on the lax floor. Registration for the 2017 season is now up!
There are a few things to note: Due to Coronation and Bill Hunter city arenas undergoing extensive renovations over the summer, there is limited floor space with high ceiling heights available. We have had to move the floor to Southside Arena for games and Glengarry Arena for Shinny/Games for both the Men’s and Women’s leagues. As of right now, the first shinny/evaluation will be on April 12, 2017 at Glengarry Arena. We are currently working on getting some floor time elsewhere. Should we be successful in getting an earlier start, we will send out an email.
Due to the weekend that Easter falls on, our first scheduled game is April 23, 2017. But don’t sweat. The Men’s league is also looking at utilizing some Wednesday shinny’s for games. As this is finalized, this will be communicated.
Draft Beer Night. The Men’s league will NOT undergo a draft this year; however, we will be hosting a social event that will feature draft beer and food. This will provide members with the opportunity to meet each before grueling it out on the floor. The date of the social event is April 21, 2017, 7pm. Location: TBD (hoping to book the Armory hall again near Kingsway). During the social event, the Woman’s league WILL be hosting a draft. So men, come have some draft beer and cheer on the women’s draft.
The Executive also voted on capping Men’s teams to 14 plus a goalie per team. What does this mean? Our goal is to grow the league to 6 teams; however, we have to plan for 4 teams with the ability to add more floor time if needed. That being said, the first 56 players to register for the Men’s league will be guaranteed a spot on a team. The intention is to keep the teams the same as much as possible. However, due to the cap, we may have to shuffle some players to keep the playing field as even as possible. If you wish to be on your friend’s team, please email Turtle at: gtilax21@gmail.com.
Now for the facts:
Women’s League:
– Games: Sunday’s @ 6pm, Southside Arena
– Practice: Wednesday’s @ 8pm, Glenngary
– Cost: $180 without a jersey, $210 with a jersey
Men’s League:
– Games: Sundays @ 7pm or 8pm, Southside Arena (Some games on Wednesday’s, time TBD)
– Shinny: Wednesday’s @ Glengarry Arena
– Cost: $250 includes a jersey and shorts.
The 2017 Spring Fling Tournament announcement will also come out this week.
If you have any questions, please email lacrossewomen@gmail.com for the Women’s league and edmmasterslax@gmail.com for the Men’s league.

Thanks and we look forward to another successful year.

Edmonton Masters Lacrosse Executive

Input into Coliseum Transformation

The City of Edmonton is seeking input into the Coliseum Transformation project. These consultations are our opportunity to demonstrate the importance of lacrosse friendly facilities in the city.
There are two methods to provide input. One is through the general public input. The second is to join the Edmonton Insight online community and answer surveys based on various projects including Coliseum.

Coliseum Tranformation

Edmonton Insight

Winter Drop In Lacrosse!

The EMLL will be having winter drop in lacrosse again for 2017. Details are:

When: Every Tuesday 9-10pm from October 11, 2016 to March 6, 2017

Where: Tri-Leisure Centre, Spruce Grove (South Field)

2016 EMLL Box Registered Players – FREE!

2016 Registered Players in other ALA organizations – $10 per drop in

New players – First two sessions are free. After that, players must register through the EMLL and pay a $20 fee which will cover insurance. The $10 drop in fee will also apply. Please note that registering for the winter drop in does not make you a member of the EMLL.

All players must be 16 years old minimum. Open to both men and women.

Equipment – Helmet, gloves, stick, slash guards (optional but highly recommended)

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the floor!

End of Season Wrap-up

The executive is pleased to announce that we will be having an informal end of season wrap up. We will be having a food truck, Moose on the Loose providing food at the arena. So join us a bit earlier before your game or stick around for a bit after. The truck will arrive around 4pm but will not be serving until around 6 or so.

EMLL players will receive a coupon for food. Any friends or family can purchase food separately directly from the vendor.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Men’s Division Playoffs Update

The men’s divisions playoffs schedule has been updated. Final Standings were:


First va Fourth will play at 7pm
Second vs Third will play at 8pm
All games remain at Bill Hunter

Once the results of these games are confirmed, the schedule will be updated for the finals.

Good luck to all!

Schedule Updated

Both the women and men’s schedules have been updated. The team schedule is also available in the notes of the Google Calendar events. Thanks for your patience!

Draft Night Update

Hi everyone,

Draft night has been confirmed for April 8 commencing at 630pm. The event is being held at the WO & Sgts Mess at the Jefferson Armoury. Jefferson Armoury is one of the two locations in which the army reserves conduct their training. Here is some more information on them via Facebook and Yelp.

The armoury is named after Brigadier James Currie Jefferson, who was the Commanding Officer of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment during the Second World. It is home to the Loyal Edmonton Regiment, B Squadron South Alberta Light Horse, 15 Field Ambulance, the Cadet Instructor Cadre School and 6 Intelligence Company.

Registered players will receive an email invitation via EventBrite to register for the event. We need you to register so that we can make sure to have enough drinks and food on hand! Your ticket will be your access to the food and drinks! There will be cash bar available and it is real cash. There is no point of sale system at this facility but there is an ATM. There are also ATMs available at Kingsway Mall across the street. Parking is free.

Men’s Pre-Season Update

The players lists for the pre-season have been determined and are below. We would like to emphasis that this is preseason and we have many new players. The goal should be to defend appropriately and be inclusive during the play.

If you don’t see your name on the list, there are only two possibilities.

You are a goalie, in which your floor time will be arranged with Darren Walker.

You are not fully registered. If you are in this category, the registrar has already written to you to try to complete your registration. You can not go on the floor without payment being received.

March 28 and March 30 will have the same groups for both days. The April 3 times will be determined after the March 30 run.

March 28 is at South Side Arena.

March 30 is at Coronation Arena.

Griffith Rob
Niedzielski Bob
Seaman Andrew
Buffalo Kevin
Wilhelm Shaun
Anderson Cristan
Baker Ian
Mark Trevor
Pasika Trevor
Pitters Jason
Scott Brent
Stenson Graham
Wasnik Adam
Baker Darrel
Bogart Sean
Despins Keith
Kloster Brennan
Lockerby M.
Rochon Mike
Schmidt Jason
Sooley Lorne
Stone jeff
Bacon Jim
Frame Grant
Gagnon Michel
Gravelle Chad
Jakestic jordan
Macdonald Scott
Nappert Danny
Kwan Adam

Bayliss Alexander
Bell Jennifer
Bonnah Bill
Chabot Jerome
Davis Todd
Dryburgh Ryan
Duhamel Jonathon
Grainger Jeff
Harline James
Heitzner Greg
Holtby Mike
Homan Derek
Kirtzinger Darcy
Kohut Kevin
Lariviere Steven
MacCarthy David
Mager Neil
Mar Buck
Maron Derrick
Martel Matt
Orman Jim
Perrin Scott
Persi Trevor
Pruden Ben
Schwabe Michael
Shellington Doug
Straatsma Kyle
Udholm Kory
Virostek Des
Walker Adam
Wiles Joshua

Push for more players!

We are at a bit of a crossroad in our registration numbers. Right now we are sitting in a position of being just 10-12 players shy of being able to field 6 teams for the men’s league this upcoming season. We are asking everyone to encourage those who may be undecided to register because it’s not too late! As well, if you know anyone new who might want to try, work to convince them to give lacrosse a try! The final number of teams will be decided on Apr 3.