2017 EMLL Teams & April 23 Games

Teams are now posted. Please visit the Teams section for your team (ignore the drop downs until I figure out how to remove them). First games take place this Sunday, April 23.

Women’s Division: 6pm – Purple vs. White

Men’s Division: 7pm – Blue vs. Red; 8pm – White vs. Yellow.

Jerseys will likely be ready by next week so bring your old jersey or a colour of the shirt of your team.

Black will have a bye this week with your first game scheduled for April 30th. We are working on adding more floor time on Sundays and Wednesdays to add extra games. There is limited floor time with ongoing renovations and low ceiling options at City of Edmonton facilities. Some Sundays will double up, and everyone will play the same amount of games. The schedule will follow early next week.

We’re all looking forward to a fun and exciting 2017 EMLL Season.