Men’s Pre-Season Update

The players lists for the pre-season have been determined and are below. We would like to emphasis that this is preseason and we have many new players. The goal should be to defend appropriately and be inclusive during the play.

If you don’t see your name on the list, there are only two possibilities.

You are a goalie, in which your floor time will be arranged with Darren Walker.

You are not fully registered. If you are in this category, the registrar has already written to you to try to complete your registration. You can not go on the floor without payment being received.

March 28 and March 30 will have the same groups for both days. The April 3 times will be determined after the March 30 run.

March 28 is at South Side Arena.

March 30 is at Coronation Arena.

Griffith Rob
Niedzielski Bob
Seaman Andrew
Buffalo Kevin
Wilhelm Shaun
Anderson Cristan
Baker Ian
Mark Trevor
Pasika Trevor
Pitters Jason
Scott Brent
Stenson Graham
Wasnik Adam
Baker Darrel
Bogart Sean
Despins Keith
Kloster Brennan
Lockerby M.
Rochon Mike
Schmidt Jason
Sooley Lorne
Stone jeff
Bacon Jim
Frame Grant
Gagnon Michel
Gravelle Chad
Jakestic jordan
Macdonald Scott
Nappert Danny
Kwan Adam

Bayliss Alexander
Bell Jennifer
Bonnah Bill
Chabot Jerome
Davis Todd
Dryburgh Ryan
Duhamel Jonathon
Grainger Jeff
Harline James
Heitzner Greg
Holtby Mike
Homan Derek
Kirtzinger Darcy
Kohut Kevin
Lariviere Steven
MacCarthy David
Mager Neil
Mar Buck
Maron Derrick
Martel Matt
Orman Jim
Perrin Scott
Persi Trevor
Pruden Ben
Schwabe Michael
Shellington Doug
Straatsma Kyle
Udholm Kory
Virostek Des
Walker Adam
Wiles Joshua